Free E-book for the Holidays

You know those tasks that you put off, put off, put off until one day you just do it. Like making a dentist appointment (I went to the dentist last month for the first time in 4 years) or filing all the paperwork or bills stacked on your table.

It weighs on you for days, weeks, months, or in my case with the dentist, 4 years. Then something happens + you just do it. You make the appointment, clean up the paperwork, scrub the shower tile, ask for a raise, go for a walk. Then you feel like a total FOOL for not doing it sooner!

What happens: You got a great idea while you were on your walk, it only took 20 minutes to file all of those papers, the dentist said your teeth look great, you get that raise or you don't but you feel like a stud for asking for what you deserve.

This always feels like a game I'm playing with my mindset. What if I just start? Sometimes you just have to send an email or make a phone call. You free up space in your brain. One less thing to subconsciously stress about. Winning!

It is such a great lesson in mindfulness, how great it feels to have your table or desk free of clutter or to feel like you did something nice for yourself by getting bundled up + going for a walk.

The holidays are a sweet time. They can also be a really busy time, a time that challenges any + all efforts to practice healthy habits. 

I invite you to explore how mindfulness can help. What's weighing on you that will make you feel WAY better once it's taken care of? Maybe it's a messy room or drawer but maybe it's a commitment to giving or resting or nourishing your body. 

Since our first big holiday of this season is here (can you believe it?) I've created Nourished: A Mindful Eating Guide. It's an ebook that you can download by clicking on the title there or in the picture below.

It's my gift to you. It's the thing I've been wanting to do and put off, put off, put off until one day I decided to start without any expectation of the outcome (and certainly no Thanksgiving deadline). As these things go, it was not that hard, grueling work that I thought it might be + that kept me from starting.

There's an important offer at the don't miss it!

In total thankfulness, gratitude + love for sharing this with me, Happy-All-The-Holidays