Interview: 100 Women Project

A few months ago I was interviewed by one of my favorite people, Tami Hackbarth for a really special project + I want to share it with you in hopes you'll find some inspiration from our conversation + sign up to be interviewed yourself for the 100 Women Project too!

Happiness isn't walking around blissed out 24/7. It's finding gratitude in the little things, it's being present, it's doing something to connect to yourself (not living in the past or future).

In this interview I share how building in little moments of self-care (doing things that make me feel good + grounded) can be easy + a huge game changer in how you interact with the world + with yourself. 

This is a conversation worth having, whether or not you feel like you're nailing it with self-care, whether or not you're even sure what it means or how it should feel. You can sign up HERE to join Tami's project.

P.S. I'm not always nailing it, I get frazzled, anxious, overwhelmed + pissy. That's OK, those are perfect reminders that I need something I'm not getting. Sometimes I have to give it to myself. Sometimes what I'm not getting is what I'm not giving to those that I love + in giving them time, attention + love, I am able to receive it.

I'd love to hear what you think, <<First Name>>

100 Women Project Interview (TH is Tami, NS is me) =)

TH - What's your definition of self-care?

NS - Self-care for me is the process of listening to what I need then taking the smallest steps possible to get it. 

TH - Why smallest?

NS - I want it to be easy! And small change is more sustainable.

TH - What types of things do you personally do for self-care?

NS - Meditate, read, yoga, sleep, cook for myself + family, hang out with friends who totally get me and make me feel good, go on walks.

TH - What's the biggest challenge to self-care?

NS - Time. Having a lot of responsibilities to my work, family, taking care of my kid.

Planning so I am not rushing around like crazy.

Delegating some dinners to my husband.


Asking for what I need. Knowing what I need. Communicating what I need.

TH - Dude, me too. All of it.

NS - Riiight?

TH - What is going well in your self-care?

NS - My marriage, my parenting, my morning practices.

TH - These are all going well because of self-care?

NS - 100% attribute the success of everything in my life to self-care.

TH - Me too! I'm so glad we decided to talk because now I see how much more we have in common!

NS - Good thing we get to work together and be friends, huh?

TH - Totally! Last question: What's the hardest part of self-care?

NS - Prioritizing it. As a mom, woman, wife the model we're all fed is to be completely self-sacrificing and it we aren't putting everyone ahead of ourselves we are somehow wrong. 

No, thank you.

TH: Co-sign all of that!

NS: The other part is starting. Fear of old stories... and then there is oh my god, what if this actually works?!

I think we all make things way harder than they have to be. Myself included. 

We can just give ourselves an out and start today.

TH - What do you mean? 

NS - I mean, we don't have to decide to do something forever because we do it one time. We can try different things and see how they feel. If they suck, we can try different things.

TH - Thank you!

Your turn! 100 Women Project