A Whole Bunch of Goodness

Since I last popped in I was, of course, immersed with the Beautiful You Project women, doing a lot of resting (hibernating for Winter, really), plenty of reading, which all led to a burst of creativity in February that led to creating a bunch of gifts for YOU.

There are lots of ways we can stay connected + hang out in the coming months. This year, for me, is about how I can serve you best depending on what you need most right now.

So here is what I've been cooking up...


We can hang out in person:
LiveWell Women's Retreat - 2 of them

Tami + I are back with not one but 2 yoga + cooking retreats! All the exciting details are at www.livewellwomensretreat.com where you can read about the yoga, the hiking, the cooking + more.
4 days, 3 nights in Sonoma, CA at the lovely Star West Ranch.
April 21-24
June 23-26

Check out the website + if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. There are a few spots left - is on of them yours?

Beautiful You Project is LIVE in Sacramento!

This project is near + dear to my heart with so much gratitude for the women that made this beautiful community over Facebook for the last year in our online program. I've decided to host monthly Beautiful You Project gatherings live + in person right here in Sacramento for ANY woman who desires a supportive community of women + a conversation about how to live with love, truth + be unapologetically your BEAUTIFUL self. We will meet this coming Tuesday, April 12th @ 7pm. They will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month in Midtown. Dates + details are HERE.


Where you can listen:


Introducing Pay Attention Podcast!
This is super exciting to share, you're one of the first we're telling because it's been hush-hush for awhile + honestly it's been brewing for 3 years waiting for the right time to emerge. I met one of my dearest soul sisters, Melissa on March 13th, 2013 (3 years ago) as we started our businesses + our friendship. On our friend-iversary (TODAY) this year we are launching our podcast, Pay Attention + cannot wait for you to listen. Each week we talk about what we're paying attention to because we believe that the power of your attention is undeniable in creating a pretty cool life. Check us out on Insta: @payattentionpodcast



Yoga Nidra Meditation is live on Insight Timer App. 

I created this relaxation guided meditation for Beautiful You Project + now it's being broadcast worldwide on Insight Timer, a free guided meditation app. After only a few days live, it's had over 2,000 plays + almost 100 reviews! It's perfect for going to sleep or taking the edge off after a long day of work, plus, it's only 15 minutes. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Happy Spring!