Fancy dinners + Backyard retreats

I went out to eat last night at this great little spot here in Sacramento + when I left I realized it had all the qualities I want in eating, but also in life.


First, it was leisurely, not crowded + not particularly loud. I felt totally comfortable pulling up a seat at the bar, ordering a glass of wine + reading the book I had tucked away in my bag, since I arrived a little early.


Second, good company. A chance to chat, visit + catch up.


Third, pretty food on normal sized plates. Too often we find ourselves with gigantic food on plates that are bigger than our heads. I actually ordered a few appetizers, both of which were perfect portions + beautiful. If you’ve ever seen the food I post on Instagram, you know how much I like eggs + how pretty the yellow yolk makes the dish looks. I ordered a white corn polenta with a poached egg (!), bright green fava beans + copper colored sautéed mushrooms. It was stunning + tasted delicious.


This is the thing about practicing mindfulness, the simplest things can blow you away. I didn’t need a $50 steak or lobster dinner to feel completely luxurious, I just needed a book, good conversation, nice glass of wine + a beautiful meal.


Last month my friend, Tami + I hosted another LiveWell Women’s Retreat in Sonoma + since we’ve been back I have found myself recreating the same refueling, relaxing, luxurious feelings in my backyard. A few minutes sitting by the pool in the sun (because I LOVE sitting in the sun), eyes closed or reading + smelling the jasmine…in minutes I feel like I just treated myself to a mini-retreat. (There are a few spots left for theJune retreat - perfect summer trip for you + a girlfriend, mom, daughter or sister)


The point being, there are many paths to getting what you want. We tend to assume that having or spending more money is the only road to feeling what we want to feel: nourished, relaxed, luxurious, inspired, adventurous, free. 


If you limit your thinking to believe there is only one way of getting what you want, whether that is having a certain amount of money, a certain job, a certain body then you’ll always have that excuse to keep yourself from GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.

Do you want the simple answer to why we don't do the things we know would make us feel good?  We don't believe we can, so all we see in front of us is excuses (time, money, materials or intelligence) rather than possibilities + opportunities. 

How do we start to move away from that tunnel vision?
Be mindful + be creative. 

In Beautiful You I emphasize the power of mindfulness in eating, preparing or plating food (even Chipotle take-out). Treat yourself well. Put your food on a plate, light a candle, eat outside (which I do almost everyday), drink fizzy water from crystal wine glasses, throw some herbs on top of your food, invite your friends over, plant a garden (even a little windowsill one), do it in a way that makes you FEEL GOOD. 


This is universal, you can create more peace, more community, more adventure, more creativity in a lot of ways as long as you’re open to seeing them. 

What small, simple way can you create some more FEEL GOOD in your day-to-day life? Let me know!


Speaking of practicing more mindfulness: I’ve still got some May Clarity Sessions left for you. They are fun, simple + super convenient for you busy bees + you can save $60 because they are on sale! Yay sales.