What's on your stop-it list?

Do you have a “stop it” list? 


Well if you don’t (or you do and need to update it) I want to tell you about this liberating exercise. Many of us do things we wish we didn’t or that don’t make us feel good or create resentment or that fuel the fire of feelings we don’t want.


The tricky part is that we operate as though we must be responsible and sacrifice and martyr ourselves at the expense of our spirit. By spirit I mean the life, the spark inside of you and me and every other person. We all have it, lots of us have piled ten thousand pounds of crap on top of it. Luckily, we can start removing some of it and the rest of it we crowd out with good stuff by refueling our tanks, practicing self-care, breathing in more fresh air, breathing, asking for help, saying no…


and making a STOP IT list.


We're a few weeks into the new year but it's not too late to look back over 2016 and find out what you would like to stop doing. I like to get really honest and list things that I’m not even sure I can stop doing. The point is less about HOW you stop doing it and more about creating choices. When you have choices, you buy yourself more time to do the things that matter and you can get really creative about delegating things to others that you’ve magically taken on. Also, you feel really powerful rather than resentful and powerless. 


What do you want to stop?


What is no longer serving you?


What is causing resentment?


It could be a tangible act like ‘doing all the laundry’ or it could be a belief that no longer serves you like ‘taking things personally’ (that’s a good one).



Here is a list of ideas for inspiration:

  • Making dinner every single night.
  • Being late for work or late coming home.
  • Postponing fun.
  • Wasting time/stalling on Facebook/Insta/Pinterest/Twitter/etc.
  • Asking anyone other than myself for permission.
  • Ignoring my body.
  • Being a jerk to myself.
  • Taking things personally.
  • Eating things that don’t make me feel good.
  • Eating when I’m bored/angry/tired/stressed and then beating myself up about it.
  • Feeling guilty about ______. 
  • Not accepting help.
  • Not asking for help.
  • Being the taxi driver for the kids’ everything.
  • Self doubt.
  • Overthinking things.
  • Feeling unqualified or not good enough.
  • Over scheduling.
  • Doing it all “right” or “perfect”
  • Saying yes when I want to say no.
  • Saying no when I want to say yes.
  • Reacting.
  • Staying up late.
  • Prioritizing busy work over taking care of myself.

Get the idea? Great, I’d love to hear what’s on your stop it list.