How does coaching work?


You and I have been blessed with brains that have the ability to think…

It’s done wonders for humans and yet it’s also that ability to think that keeps us stuck in patterns that we don’t want to be in. It keeps us in the land of repeating “I should exercise” and still choosing the snooze button or happy hour instead. We actually don’t use our brains very efficiently.

We overthink our decisions, second guess our moves, create stories about any and everything and yet despite our desires to change things that aren’t working in our lives, we continue to repeat what’s not working.

Coaching certainly isn’t a magic pill nor is it the easy button - but it is the FOCUS button. In many cases that focus acts like a fast track, meaning the change you’re hoping for might take you 3 or 4 years on your own but it can happen in a quarter of the time with the help of a good coach.

An efficient brain would use its powers to make a plan to hit the trail or the gym after work and make it easier to turn down happy hour because you’d know that happy hour sounds good short term but is doing nothing for you long term. That is not efficient and what keeps us in the “I should” loop and out of taking action.

Coaching fast tracks this process of change.

It is someone in your corner, believing that what you want is possible.

It is your magic bullet against self-sabotage and repeating bad habits.

Coaching gives you the confidence and tools to rise to your potential instead of settle.

My coaching practice is based on disordered eating and healing relationships with food, but here’s the deal. Underneath that and underneath any behavior that is not serving you is a desire. I’ve spent 8 years helping people just like you identify that desire and instead of focusing on a new diet or fad work out, I help you bring that desire to life.

That’s the magic - once your desires to feel confident, worthy, deserving, sexy, strong come to life - the food, the body, the relationship, the career comes easily.

I have helped women from all over the world in a variety of areas:

  • Body image + weight

  • Intuitive Eating + relationship to food/disordered eating

  • Stress management + self-care

  • Relationship to alcohol + sobriety (non-addicted)

  • Strengthening marriages + relationships

  • Improving relationship with money

  • Career transitions + promotions

  • Deepening spiritual practice, mindfulness, yoga + meditation

My coaching style is mindset based, meaning I teach my clients how to think better, how to use their brains more efficiently + how to create the life they want to live by changing their thoughts.

If you’re ready to grow and go out into the world confident that everything you want and need is there for you, let me help you make it happen, but first let’s talk.


Consults are actual consults, not long sales calls.