GAL - Grown Ass Ladies Club Membership

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GAL - Grown Ass Ladies Club Membership


History of a GAL (Grown-Ass Ladies Club)

This summer I met with Tami Hackbarth and Holly Holt to talk about self-acceptance in the context of yoga practice but instead what we got was, perhaps, the deepest conversations of our lives. We talked about what it was like to be a woman in this society. We talked about what it’s like to grow from a girl to a woman. We talked about the cultural message that beauty is more important than brains. We talked about our relationship with food, our body parts, and men (especially the men in our lives: dads, husbands, sons, co-workers). 

We talked about where we get our confidence or lack thereof. And because of these conversations, we made a pledge.


We made a pledge to:

  • Love ourselves and our bodies
  • Find our own voices
  • Root our confidence in our own abilities
  • Support each other as women
  • Create our vision of a community of Grown-Ass Ladies (GALs) living Gloriously Authentic Lives


I only have 7 spots and I want YOU to take one of them. 


This is an exclusive group of Grown-Ass Ladies who have been vetted by the hosts, i.e., an “invitation only” club, so if you are receiving this, you know how amazing I think you are and what a great fit you would be to GALs.


So what’s the secret? 

Check out the official invitation HERE 

Email if you have any questions and don't forget that your payment holds your spot.


This club is only $87, which is about the same price as a weekly yoga class…or a weekly trip to happy hour. This way you get the benefits of both, without the hangover or DUI. 



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